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Originally Posted by Eden View Post
This is an interesting project and looks like it could very well be the next Artemis kit. The ICX453 is a decent entry-level CCD and is the same chip used in the proven QHY8 camera.

A fellow from Germany has done something similar with the ICX453 and even went as far as making a complete stand-alone peltier-cooled imager with integrated 8 position filter wheel, OLED screen and compact flash storage.

Yep have seen that...quality work but not a lot of info.

This will be open source...I think. Anyway pretty much a QHY8 camera...although cooling needs to be sorted. I did note the originator from Russia has already designed a software driven peltier cooler and ASCOM driver. Probably this can be used for cooling this unit.

If anyone would like to dabble...then come on board.
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