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*Another* DSLR UV/IR filter question thread

Sorry if I'm covering old ground here guys but while my searching cleared up a lot of questions I still have a few...

I have a 400D and a 450D lying around here which haven't been touched since I bought my 550D and I don't really mind sacrificing one of them in the interest of science. I've read that they both have the double filter arrangement which allows me to still focus normally if I remove the main UV/IR filter. If I was to remove the filter and then take my exposures individually with Ha, Red, Blue, Yellow and Green filters in front of the lens would I get any of the abnormal effects that are associated with full spectrum exposures?

Also, is it simply a case of removing the filter if I just remove the one and not replace it with a Baader or similar?

Since this camera will be purely for astro imaging are there any other mods/tweaks that I should consider?

At the moment I'm only using a cheap F/8 1000mm lens but I'm in the process of researching a reasonable 'entry level' telescope.

Thanks in advance, sorry for being such a noob.
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