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More stars please!

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Hi everyone,
Wow so many responses! Thanks alot for your input everyone some very good attempts and interesting to see how different the colour palette has come out.

Gerald your image looks almost like a real RGB!

Hobbit, your link comes up as a very small image/icon. Have you got a link to the full size?

Jo thanks for trying your hand at IC1805, yes the data really is quite lovely perks of hiring a very expensive set up for a short period! What software did you use? I liked the soft diffuse effect you added to the stars

Lewis, I normally edit the three NB channels in startools independently and then stack/RGB combine them in PS right at the end, so never tried aligning them in software (though would make my life much easier, must try CCDstack sometime ). Would you still like me to put up the un-cropped images? My favourite version is the hubble-esque, probably a mid point between the two green adjustments.

I am struggling to extract the Ha data from NGC188 from the background in Startools, anyone got any hints or tips? Thanks again everyone!
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