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Dazzled by the Cosmos.

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Originally Posted by multiweb View Post
Setting up tonight if it's clear in Sydney west. Trying to a long FL shot of it with the CN-212 and a ZWO-120MM. I did a widefield of the last one in 2014 but want to get up close this time.

Wow Marc the link to the Vimeo animation blew my mind. That is the BEST Moon/Saturn animation I have ever seen, by far. The detail and clarity of the Moon along with a correctly exposed Saturn was superb. The detailed inset frames for the ingress and egress really put the icing on the cake.

Im not sure than anything can top that, so I may just kick back, relax and observe it with my eyes, if I can find an eyepiece that is.

Clear skies and good luck for tonight.


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