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Originally Posted by pvelez View Post
I've mucked around with collimation and improved it - it still has a way to go but its better.

I have elongated stars across the field - all in the same direction.

Could there be some other form of aberration at play here? I'm open to ideas
Hi Pete,

Try getting an out off focus star in the center of your ccd and make the donut concentric, Stevous67 here on IIS has written an article for this . This will get you very close i believe. After this, other aberrations that can be fixed could be some ccd tilt.

What length star elongation, could they be so long that they are tracking errors or short enough to be miss collimation.

other aberrations, maybe Tilt? what happens when you rotate the camera, does the aberration follow the chip (on the same place of the chip)?

Are you able to post a picture of what your describing?


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