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Originally Posted by PRejto View Post

Thanks for pointing that out. Somehow I missed that post at SB. I stand corrected. I think most users think you need to start over after moving the mount to PA....Isn't there even some sort of statement in the manual saying that as well? Anyway, moot point and very valuable information!

Josh, not meaning to argue an obviously correct statement you have made, and no less from the author of T Point himself, but I am again looking at my copy of the T Point mnual, page 35, where it very clearly says re recalibration: "recalibration does not alter or change the value of static terms. Only the offset terms IH, ID, and CH are changed." And, on page 32 "for portable mounts, a new calibration run must be performed each time the mount is setup." And "for permanent installations, in order to reuse a model, the physical setup of the mount cannot change, etc...."

In my copy of the manual I can find no statement re recalibrating into a portable mount so that option, given my permanent mount, never entered my head as a possibility even though the option presents itself in TSX when recalibrating. It would certainly be nice to have these sorts of things spelled out in the manual. Now I am glad I made the incorrect statement earlier because otherwise I never would have known.

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