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Originally Posted by astroron View Post
Hi Malcolm, as in my report my estimation is Mag 15.0 but the bright supernova page gives it at mag 15.3.

It should be a lot higher from your location the chances of a better observation are with you.
On or around the meridian at 10:00 UT 21:00 ASDT.
Sorry Ron, didn't read it carefully enough, that's what comes of trying to read posts while at work!!

I have had a bit of a read up on this galaxy, seems John Herschel recoded it initially as 2 objects so it is recorded as both NGC 2442 and NGC 2443, but it seemed he was seeing patches rather than the whole objects.
It is odd as the entire galaxy was easy to see in my 12" back in Feb 2012 when I nabbed it at Snake Valley.
Hopefully if the SN peaks on the weekend should make a nice sight!!


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