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Great choice , I have looked thru many GSO Newtonions and are yet to see a lemon as they have all been very good to excellent optically , mechanically good but great if you love to ' tinker '

HEQ5's ? I have owned 3 and they have all been outstanding in performance so you wont go wrong there . Tripod is the weak link but with a Newt on top it will be probably be set at its lowest setting so easily Ok for visual .

The only down side is that the 200mm is only 1000mm in focal length and if viewing planets you need high power so your awesome TV Barlow is going to get lots of use a great choice , Did Bintel suggest you getting this item ? if so another thumb's up for them .

Great choice and enjoy your Christmas present as Bintel are really on to it getting gear out in a fast and professional manner to Bintel from me as well .


ps . you need to post photo's ,,, lots of photo's . Because without photo's it didn't happen .

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