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Originally Posted by bigjoe View Post
No. Tony... just anyone in general ..your comments here are correct..its this mainly greater depth of focus that makes it perform when the seeing changes the focus in a lot of shorter F ratio Primary SCT
Cheer bigjoe.
My thoughts exactly and thanks for the figures , I personally vouch for them as its what my eyes tell me and that is that my C9 really performs when cool'd and collimated properly , there are detractors for anything , cars , watches , telescopes , anything as its human nature but some take it to another level .

I have a very , very good iStar 127mm f8 achro that performs great to my eyes and many others say so as well , no it ain't no Takahashi but it's mine and I love it just like my C9.25 .

Actually on that I had a sweet Takahashi M210 that was so sharp you could have sworn you were looking through a quality APO but , I hated the diffraction spikes it gave to bright objects , some don't mind but I don't like them so sold it to get my C9 , its 1/2 the price and 99% of the Tak's performance .

Brian .

ps. I don't mind a little CA ( iStar achromat ) so go figure ?

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