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Originally Posted by Peter Ward View Post
Indeed. Don Goldman's MOAG was a 3rd party SBIG based solution that I'm pretty sure predates the QSI implementation ....not to mention the thousands of OAG-mounted ST4's that relieved you from the drudgery of hand guiding stars into their red-glowing guide-boxes some 25 years ago....

I've already ordered a "full-enchilada" (8 position wheel, AO etc.) STT8300 for myself, as with the AO, I see it as a killer high-res galaxy imaging system that should regularly allow guiding rates of around 10Hz.

I'd be very interested to see how that works out. My FLI ML8300 is a great camera but it needs AO to be worthwhile on my CDK17 unless its a great night of seeing.

A Starlight Express AO unit has been on my wishlist. But a more integrated, all working together setup may be better. Also I don't know that all AO units are the same in terms of performance.

On paper it looks like SBIG has kicked a goal here and the company appears reinvigorated and moving forward again which is nice to see.
The buyout appears to have been a very positive thing.
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