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Originally Posted by Bassnut View Post
Yes, I was wondering that myself.

Apart from that, they look very attractive, specially the 6303
The guide cam in front of the filter wheel and all integrated with a decent number of filters and good cooling is a killer. SBIG is back in front IMO, and about time
I agree Fred. I think SBIG just reclaimed the lead. For some though it may come down to how the RBI preflash is done. I know the Apogee one is a flop and FLI got it right. But FLI has now been caught up with and is no lacking autoguiding solutions and AO units. It still has the best focuser units and their cameras are still good but on paper these new SBIG cameras sound better.

I guess the merge with that larger company has been a good thing for SBIG. They probably got much needed capital to develop all these products and we are now richer for it.

I also agree the guide chip on the filter wheel is a far better solution than an offaxis guider connected to the front.

Posts here about the QSI583 guider needing fussy packers. I hope the 683 got that sorted.

Off axis guiders are just another thing that can go out of whack.

I just then, had to hunt down a tilt issue that once again came down to not properly seated MMOAG and adapters. Wow. Its constant maintenance with a rig isn't it?

Anything that reduces that is a very welcome advancement.

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