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Originally Posted by gregbradley View Post
Wow, fabulous looking cameras. You've got to hand it to the SBIG engineers. They are very innovative. That idea of the chip in the filter wheel is genius.

Fast downloads, strong cooling, saphire CCD windows, remote guide head available and an AO8 option, a good filter wheel. That idea of the little wheel on the filter wheel is Apogee's filter wheel design. I guess Apogee didn't patent it. That system worked fabulously well on the Apogee. The even illumination shutter is also a very good thing and superior to the expensive leaf type shutters.

Sounds like a winner.

STXL, though only 6303 and 11000 is an odd choice. No 16803 yet?
Otherwise a nice improvement over straight STX and makes self guide more appealling and no need for an off axis guider which is just another expense, another thing to go wrong, more adapters and takes up backspace.

It would also be interesting to see how they implement RBI control as its more than just a preflash. I have heard the Apogee version does not do its job. FLI's does. RBI though is highly overrated unless using the 09000 chip or perhaps if you are doing photometry. I don't use RBI control on my FLIs and seen RBI twice and it didn't impact on the image either.

SBIG is on a roll.

Any post about prices?

I agree but for photometry and spectroscopy RBI is a real problem. the 6303 version with a NABG chip and deep wells would be very good for photometry.
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