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Fermi observations provide insights into the nature of Terzan 5 globular cluster

Originally Posted by Tomasz Nowakowski ,
Terzan 5 is known to host 37 out of 130 millisecond pulsars (MSPs) detected so far, what makes it a record holder when it comes to the largest number of MSPs in a galactic GC. Previous studies of this cluster have also shown that it contains at least two distinct stellar populations with different ages and iron content. This could suggest that Terzan 5 may not be a "true" globular cluster, but a result of a merger of two clusters, for instance, or a remnant of a disrupted galaxy.

In order to get more detailed information about Terzan 5, which could verify these possibilities, an international team of astronomers led by Hambeleleni Ndiyavala of North-West University in Potchefstroom, South Africa, decided to analyze new data obtained by the Fermi spacecraft. This dataset allowed the researchers to model the broadband spectral energy distribution (SED) in the cluster.
Article here :-

"Probing the pulsar population of Terzan 5 via spectral modeling" by Ndiyavala et. al. at arXiv :-
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