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Guide camera

Ok, after the fun i have had with my little SPC900 as a guide camera i have decided to upgrade to a better guide camera. Choice seem to be the Orion Starshoot Guider or a QHY5, both been almost identical i felt i would go with a QHY5.
After actually looking into this i see there are a few different flavours of the QHY5, that been the QHY5-guider, QHY5V and the QHY5T.

All been around the same price, I feel that the QHY5T is the best option of the 3 been 3MP, colour (not that is matters but can be used for other things) and the option of 2x2binning...



3.0 mega pixel Color CMOS camera for lunar/solar Imaging

Main Features
Sensor: Micron 1/2inch MT9T001
Active pixels: 2048x1536
Pixel Size: 3.2um x 3.2um square
Support 2x2 hardware Color Binning
USB2.0 High Speed 24Mpixel/sec
Supports Various ROI capture
Uncompressed Video data output
Builit in Guide port, Optically isolated
Progressive Scan sensor
Telescope Interface: M42/0.75
Filter interface: M28.5/0.5 for 1.25inch Filter
Size: 64mm diameter 26.5-32mm length

Any opinions are valued on this as i am a complete noob (as some of you know from astrofest...)
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