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I am pretty certain that those samples are JPGs straight from the camera, and, not RAW. I wish they didn't do this. My understanding from what I've read is they show these samples to indicate what the "average" user can expect. I don't understand why they do this on their prosumer and professional lines. Surely, they should show the best that is achievable by the system in the hands of one who is skilled enough to make art. Example: in your hands -- you make wonderful images.


For high ISO performance.

ISO-3200 is as far as I'd push the Mark II for low light weddings. With the Mark III, ISO-6400 is the new ISO-1600. That is, an extra two stops of usability. That is an enormous bonus for those who do low light work.

In regular sized wedding albums, ISO-1600 from the original, ISO-3200 from the Mark II, and, now, ISO-6400 images from the Mark III will be more than useable in print.

You're right, though, the original and the Mark II do an amazing job already. The 61-point autofocus and tracking addition on the Mark III, though, is very welcome.

I'm off to Fyshwick to see if I can place a deposit on one.

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