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Originally Posted by ghsmith45 View Post
As for the advice that a OSC has a time advantage, that's rubbish.
I don't think anyone doubts that shooting LRGB mono results in better SNR and resolution given the same total exposure time as a OSC camera.

Rather, with a OSC you have a usable "finished" image as soon as one sub has finished exposing. Further exposures just increase the SNR.

With mono cameras, I believe that many people shoot filters sequentially, e.g. 1 hr of red, 1 hr of lum, 1 hr of blue, 1 hr of green in a single night. If clouds roll in after 1.5 hours, you won't have any finished image at all...

(While you could take one sub of each LRGB filter sequentially to minimise this risk, you'd lose some of the benefits of mono by shooting L and B frames lower in the sky where there's more atmospheric extinction and worse seeing.)
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