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I would advise a mono ccd. Much more flexible if you want to shoot narrowband. As for the advice that a OSC has a time advantage, that's rubbish. A mono will get you more photons than a OSC for a given exposure and better resolution since you are not interpolating missing values not covered by the Bayer matrix. Just do the maths: if you do a one hour exposure with a OSC and then a one hour exposure with a mono R:G:B:L 15:15:15:15 you will get 1.5 times as many photons with the mono as compared with the OSC--the pic has got to have a better SNR, as well as better resolution. The OSC is easier to get your head around, and is cheaper because you don't have to outlay money for filters and a maybe for a filter wheel, but those are about the only advantages I can think of.
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