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I would suggest a cooled CCD as well.
I started off with a DSLR and still use it sometimes, but I much prefer my OSC CCD, I find that there is more to play with in an image in terms of processing and the low noise also helps in processing.

There are people who've taken some really nice images with cooled dslr's. although the difference in the dynamic range between 12bit and 16bit is debatable, a cooled ccd does make sense, you don't have to worry about ISO, just exposure length.
you have to get your head around the concept of stretched vs unstretched images but its not hard.
narrowband will require much longer exposures with an OSC, but can be done.
I went with an OSC because I could image 3 or 4 targets in one night, whereas with a mono, it'd take 4 times as long, albeit with better results.
with temperature measurement and regulation, in theory, you should be able to take your darks at home.
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