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DSLR, OSC or Mono CCD?

Hi everyone,

Can I ask for advice/opinions on the best next step in my imaging journey?

I have been imaging for a while with an unmodded DSLR, and would like to image DSO's and get more data and info in the IR and possibly other spectrums, and drive the camera from the laptop.

I have a 120 ED refractor on an EQ6, and an orion mini guider package.

Options are ...

A) mod my DSLR or purchase a modded one, or
B) step up to a cooled OSC CCD like a QHY8 or QHY8L or similar, or
C) invest heavily in a mono camera, (a steep learning curve).

I live in the Melbourne suburbs so light pollution is an issue, and I have 3 small children who go to bed at 9, so I'm pushed for time most nights!

I use a mac - Nebulosity, PHD, Stellarium and EQMac all work ok.



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