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Originally Posted by Poita View Post
Well, the lens is more versatile as you can use it as a camera lens.

However, we have some supposedly wonderful, and very expensive Canon camera lenses (and they are great for standard photography) that perform quite poorly for astronomical work. I can't imagine a tele-extender would do it any favours either.

You already have the canon, how does it perform for astro photos?
Hi Peter ty for your feedback!

Let's forget about the advantage of using the telephoto as a camera lens. I'm only interested in IQ for astro.
Let's also forget the extender, it works really well, you can consider it's not there.

The 400 5.6 works really nice, on APS-C with a 1.4 extender is good for moon photos. And there are some deep sky images made with this lens that are also good.

I'm curious about moon photos and if a scope of the same focal length as the lens will have better or worst IQ.

Which one would win?
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