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Hi Paul,

I'm still not getting why your stars would bloat.

I can understand that the shallow well depth will saturate the stars quickly, but this would be offset by the smaller surface area of the pixel itself, swings and roundabouts for me.

Given that the stars are saturated, how does this show up as bloat, most of you guys use cameras with ABGs don't you? I thought it was just me struggling with blooms.

I find that my leading cause of bloated stars poor seeing, closely followed by poor focus (that's two reasons, I'll come in again), then guiding. If you're in any doubt about any of these, drop a Ha filter into the imaging train, do a quick exposure, then use a blue filter for the same area. Compare the FWHM's. Can't do much about the atmosphere...

We may have to start a new topic if we keep going though.

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