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Originally Posted by DavidTrap View Post
It's always a problem to find out which reducer works before you buy!!

I believe I've got the distance right for the Televue with a standard Tmount being about 10mm and the distance from the bayonet mount to the chip on the DSLR being 46.5mm. This should give the recommended distance of ~55mm. I think recommended distance is the same for the MPCC. I haven't any means to vary this so I can't say it won't get better if you fiddle.


So true. You can't test before you buy with FF and reducers unfortunately. You make a decision based on a bit of research, buy then get lucky (sort of) . Spacing is a problem to vary too with solid rings. I got this made a while ago. Best thing I did. I use it all the time. Specs are here.
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