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CCD v DSLR pixel size

I have just purchased an ATIK 320E CCD colour camera as I thought it would be a good camera to learn CCD imaging on.

It has small pixels, 4.4um, which from what I have read should be good for my ED127 and my ED80 but not my 10" RC. My first imaging attemps with the RC looked burnt out. When I bined at 2x2 they looked even further burnt out. This was at 300 second exposures.

My question is about pixel size and focal length as I also have a 350D modded. I can't find any literature on the pixel size of the 350D but I assume that they are also small like the ATIK camera.

If the ATIK is not really suitable for long focal length image capture because of its small pixel size, why does the 350D work well with long focal length if it has small pixels?

As you can see I am only just learning about CCD imaging and appreciate any information.


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