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Originally Posted by Bassnut View Post
What a daft, overused, tired statement. Nobody ever said "the only good" gear was the most expensive. The "best", maybe, (by definition).

As you say, purchases depend on "requirements" (in most, if not all cases, is code for "available funds"). Dont confuse the cost of the "good and appropriate" (depending on requirements), and the "best", which always will be the most expensive, by bleeding obvious logic, it cant be anything else.
G'Day Fred, I don't know about it being an overuse and it seems far from a tired statement.
It seems that a lot seem to think unless the equipment used is brand name equipment of the high end it is sub sandard. It has been stated on many occassions on this and many other forums.
To categorise an instrument as the best by virtue of price or vice versa is a rediculous statement. Two instruments made to the same tolerances etc, etc but costing diferent amounts would not quantify one as being better than the other because one manufacturer works on a lower profit margin and subsequently charges a lower end price.

The perception of many seems to be the best is the most expensive or high end brand name equipment.

What I and alot of other people are getting sick of is the would be experts who are very quick to add there bit about quality etc. when in most cases they either have the most expensive gear sitting in a lounge room on display or lack the skills to use the equipment they have. The comment about just chinese copy or junk seems to spring to mind. In most cases those commenting have no experience with the equpment being discussed and probably wouldn't even take a look at this level of equipment.

By the way, my description of the best is equipment that is used, is affordable and completes the task at hand. With my skill level I doubt my results would be any better using a 20K scope on a 15K mount with a 15K camera up its backside. The only way I will improve much more is to relocate wife, dog and observatory to a location with better seeing conditions. Only so much can be improved with equipment and software.
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