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Robin the connectors on my QHY 9 are good (appear different then the 8). I bought both the camera and filter wheel from Theo about 4 months ago (still to use it in anger #$%@ work). The only problem I had in setting it up was my own fault (you need to turn the power on if the camera going to work) and a quick call to Theo (read he talked me through it for about 30 mins on his mobile ) and it was sorted. The camera easily reaches -30 degrees C at about 60% with no sign of fogging up. If you buy the filter wheel as well you only need to connect power to that as it has an out let to which a small cable can be run to the regulator. The filter wheel also plugs directly into the camera so only one USB cable is needed to run the lot. The only thing that has frustrated me is the M54 threads on the filter wheel itself. Makes it a pain to attach OAG's or reducer/flatteners. As Doug has said, well made and you will enjoy using it I am sure.


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I don't like the external regulator boxes QHY use, the connectors are crap. But we'll see what the qhy9 is like, I've ordered one.
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