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Originally Posted by Tandum View Post
I don't like the external regulator boxes QHY use, the connectors are crap. But we'll see what the qhy9 is like, I've ordered one.
At some point there has to be a voltage regulator somewhere. The imaging part of the camera runs on 18V while the cooling and the fan run at 12V and with a standard input of 12Vthe control must happen somewhere. The power supply/regulator is quite a good idea as it removes quite a bit of electrical noise from the camra itself. It also provides an easy way of replacing the regulaor should it fault and with the loads carried by the camera and cooling being quite high it is the obvious item to fault and if mounted in the electronics of the camera fault of this kindcould be very costly. Heat from the regulator or Tec would also provide extra stresses.
All upnot a bad idea. I actually fixed the problem by silasticing the cable in place( around the outside) It never comes loose again but can removed if needed.

I think you will enjy your purchase. Have fun with it Robin.
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