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Originally Posted by bloodhound31 View Post
Guys! I am absolutely (and pleasantly) astonished at the level of information, effort and caring suppory you have offered here. I see there is time spent to help out and I very much appreciate it.

There is a little bit of an overload so I have to go look at all these sites.

When it looks like I may be spending in the vicinity of $8k, then it's best to do one's homework, but it's a big read!

Trying to compare apples for apples though, why can I get variences of $2600 to nearly $6000, for just the camera body across the internet or for that matter, even in Australia? What's the watch-out there?

You're welcome. I'm not sure what you mean by the price variations. Are you saying that you're seeing 5D Mark II prices @ $2600? If so, I suspect that they're US grey market, dodgy dealers. Links please so I can check them out.

If you want to have a gander, PM me your number and I'll happily give you a buzz and talk 'shop' lol. I'm happy to proof read any EMail draft that you have as well.

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