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Baz.. if you don't use the zoom, but use the wider lens all the time.. That says to me that you should definitely have the 16-35 F/2.8L and the 24-105 F/4L.. That way you're covered from the very wide field stuff you love, right the way through to 105mm which is excellent for candid portraiture photography.. As you say, If you're going to get a personal loan, Get yourself set up right the first time... The 5D Mk2 is a great great place to start. If you're looking at a camera this nice, whilst Troy is right, Sigma lenses can be good, if you know what to buy.. I wouldn't risk it. Canon L glass is superb, Send a PM to Humayun and ask him about his L lens collection, and what he thinks of them all.. Guaranteed he'll tell you he loves them all equally and wouldnt swap one for a sigma lense if his life depended on it... I know I wouldnt swap my L glass for anything..
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