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Originally Posted by troypiggo View Post
If you have any questions, feel free to PM or call me - I'll talk your ear off about this stuff. I love spending other people's money - wisely of course!
I'm going to have a look at the suppliers you suggested Troy and Alex. Thank you so much for taking the ime out to do this.

Troy, I have an email drafted to send to Alex's supplier. If you are willing, I will PM it to you. If you could take a look at it for me and let me know before I send it off if I am on the right track that would be great.

I have been short-cutting for so long and buying the cheap alternatives, that I want the best straight up. If I am going to take out a personal loan, I might as well have the best and not have to worry about accessorising later.

As far as everything in-between is concerned, I am keeping my 400D and kit lenses for that. I hardly ever use the 75-300, but I use the 18-55 all the time, for widefield , general snapshots and for macro with a screw on 4 x filter in front.

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