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Buying a 5DMKII and complete setup.

G'day folks,

I am looking at taking out a personal loan to buy a complete setup. Last time I bought a camera (EOS400D), I bought a kit and did not consider all the accessories i would need.

So, while the Australian dollar is up, I thought I would get the lot in one big hit. Reccomendations as to where I might do this, (Australia vs overseas), (online or in a retail outlet) would be greatly appreciated.

Here's what I am looking at.

Canon 5D MKII body
105mm Macro Lens
Wide angle lens(Fast, say around F/2, to F/2.8) with no fisheye effect.
A good STURDY tripod. Manfrotto?
Battery grip
Intervalometer (Timer) unit.
Appropriate Flash unit

Those of you who know me already, know what type of photography I am into, but for those who don't the wide lens is for starry time-lapse and the macro is a new thing for me. I like bugs and other tiny creatures.


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