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Afocal comparison for toucam

These two beasties are under way: On the left is a Williams Optics "universal digiscoping adapter" sourced from Frontier Optics. On the right is a Eyepiece Projection Adapter from Telescopes and Astronomy in SA.

In theory, both have different setups for similiar results ( to be tested ).
The WO (Williams Optics) adapter attaches to the eyepiece and then the toucam is attached thru the tripod mount to the platform. The toucam is then aligned with the eyepiece. The lens of the toucam is not removed in this configuration.
The TA (Telescopes and Astronomy) adapter requires you to remove the toucam lens, screw in a t thread adapter the toucam, place an eyepiece that will fit inside the Eyepiece projection adapter and then screw this to the toucam and t thread adapter.

Initial costs are for the WO adapter: $69 + $10 freight = $79, and for the TA adapter: $45 for eyepiece projection adapter + $45 for t thread adapter + $10 freight = $100.

Asimov has already suggested weight is one variable to compare. Any other factors that anyone would like tested?

Hopefully erverything arrives mid next week for the shootout!
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