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Thanks for the tips, I went out and tried them late last night. Can I still
have Refraction On when I have Auto Adjust On?

Having Auto Adjust On, seemed to work ok. I tend to find the alignment
error happens when I do an Align Star in the west and then swing and look
at something in the east. But I also found if I did an Mode Align on the
object (with Auto Adjust On) seemed to fix it, is that how it should work?
I have a feeling this could some sort of mount error. I'll perform a TPAS
once I've become comfortable with what I'm doing.

However in say the above the errors mostly the difference from dead
center to the EFOV.

I think I logged 100+ objects last night through to 1:30am this morning. I
think that would have to be a record for me. It was fairly clear with
trans 7/10 but a touch windy. Which made setting the Mode Fix Alt Ref
a bit hard. Turning on Auto Adjust made that a lot easier.

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