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Yep, mine are clapping.
I ordered the AN unit with encoders for the G11.
After an hour I had the encoders fitted and begun the long wait for dark.
Soon after dark I had it initialised and references fixed, following the instructions.
Away I went. It put objects very, very near the field of the 12" f5 with a painfully small field of the SBig 7.

No longer trying to read vernier marks in low light and moving offsets.
Just look an object up in a planetarium package for size and details, and plug the numbers into the AN catalogue.

Software user objects are great to for asteroids.

I use my AN in my obs with a small 240V transformer rather than the batteries. Only issue (not really) is when a blackout strikes and I have to reset references. I might try it on a UPS.

Overall, I have been very happy with my AN except I'm now forgetting my star-hopping paths.

Great bit of kit -if you can, get one.
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