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Originally Posted by turbo_pascale View Post
No prices on their website yet - got any costs?

From: Woitala, Patrick []
Sent: Friday, 23 November 2007 5:08 PM
To: David Hough
Subject: AW: Canon EOS filters prices shipped to Australia

Hello David,

Thanks a lot for your request!

Unfortunately shipping costs to Australia are quite high, even for small parcels. The cheapest way is a regular post parcel. Shipping costs are then 38 Euros. But it can take 4-6 weeks until it arrives. Also our impression is that there is quite a risk that they may lose the parcel and if that happens it takes 16 weeks until the post refunds the money.

Right now production is concentrating on the main filter types, i.e. CLS, UHC and the clear filter. Halpha 13nm is being produced shortly, the plan is that it will become available shortly before Christmas. The OIII will become available sometime between January and spring 2008.

The filter prices themselves can be divided by 1.19 in order to get the price without VAT.

Best regards,

Patrick Woitala

So on that note I then contacted BINTEL - I ordered the OIII and the 13 Ha filter - couldnt go the 6
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