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Hey Josh,
I might be very interested in the 52mm and the e mount to ef adapter!
I don't plan to do any astro stuff wider than with my 35mm and the FOV is about 55deg on that. That 35mm is also a 49mm filter so I can just use a step-up adapter to get to 52mm.

I'll let you know soon as I'm just about ready to pull the trigger and get it done - just waiting for the shop to confirm if they can retain autofocus for at least one of my lenses, and they're soooooo slow to reply to emails...

So just to lay out my thoughs:
I'll get the full spectrum mod.
I'll get a Kolari hot mirror front-of-lens filter for everyday stuff.
I'll get some IR, and maybe UV, filters for fun.
And I'll get a HEUIB -II filter for visible+Ha astro stuff.

Any red flags?
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