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Ray and Eric,

Thanks a lot for your feedback and ideas.

I've done a bit more research and found a spec for the TEC140. It's corrected from 436-1000 nm, but the Baader seems to transmit to 380 nm where the Trius is still at ca 40% QE.

I was all set to try a Hutech IDAS LP filter (cuts at ca 410 nm) to see if this helps. Then the clouds rolled in, of course....

If this works I wonder if there is any way I could just do the UV cut in blue and not the other channels. A shame because these Baaders without any LP filter generate the nicest/easiest colour I've ever had.

Eric, I will test my images in Maxim. I have the program but rarely use it these days. I appreciate the other tips as well. I'm hoping it's just the need for an IR cut. The other issues would be fairly insurmountable!

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