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Hutech 40D .. few questions..

Hi Guys,

I'm leaning towards getting myself a Hutech 40D. Since the original canon filter has been replaced, does that mean the sensor cleaning will not work?

With the new live view function, anyone know how good it is to focus?

Comparing a Hutech 300d, 350d, 400d, 20d etc, where does the 40D stand in regards to noise and pixel size etc?

Ive been using DSLR Focus to capture and focus my images along with the Shoestring shutter control DSUSB, it seems it doesnt support the 40d or i need to modify the cable etc? is there an alternate solution to this?

On another note, since Hutech 40D is modified, I have seen other modified cameras trying to capture terrestial shots, it isn't the same even with filters and correct colour balancing, it just doesn't cut. Is there anyway which can make it exact with some sort of filter?

THanks, i really need some of these questions answered before deciding.
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