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I bought a used Celestron OAG as it came with all of the required adapters , double dovetails and parts and is very robust and adaptable with a large aperture which provides a lot of adjustment . I use it on an 8 inch SCT and a Tak refractor and an f5 newt . With an astro camera and filter wheel it works fine on all those and with a DSLR , on the SCT and Tak. I am a bit of a novice with guiding but it works fine if you can carefully set up focus in the daylight hours and be prepared to confirm focus on the night. PhD reports 0.6 to 1.0 error mostly, good enough for 5-10 minutes.

On the Tak and SCT the helical guide camera focuser is great and on the newt with less back focus the OAG Guide camera focuser is removed for a fixed focus and direct thread of 120mms guide camera to OAG.

I have not used anything else really and once I had eq mod running on the Heq5 it worked fine. Works even better with a belt drive. Angels, Ha.
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