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I'll defer to Gary, but nothing special here, I would expect. I used to power mine through my own power cable from 12V rechargeable batteries. I had a fuse in the +ve line (close to recommended value), and used spade connectors to the battery (so was careful to get the polarity right when conencting). If you have a ciggie lighter plug, then you reduce the incorrect polarity problem and most of those plugs take a fuse in the plug itself. Easy!

ps. you can pull the power plug out of the AN before you disconnect the battery connections - I usually have.

Gary will sell you exactly what you need:-

(Now I have power wired in through the SDM wiring. A very clever little in-line-circuit provides solid state over-current protection - no blown fuse to replace! But I have just ordered the encoder kit for my Televue Telepod mount so I will be powering it up by cable when I use the AN unit there. AN directing a set of 10x50 binos! Did I hear anyone say "Overkill!"?)
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