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Originally Posted by Alchemy View Post
It's turned up and I'm in the process of fitting everything.
Just a quick question, and this will probably be something a g11 owner will know.
In fitting the encoder kit, there is a large gear with 6 pins in it, this is to be fitted to the axis via a set screw which is to be as follows " LOCK SET SCREW ON GEAR INTO SLOT ON SHAFT; TIGHTEN" my problem is there is no slot on shaft, now given this is pre the clutch knob, if I screw it up tight on the shaft then the clutch won't work quite right. The logic of a slot makes sense so it can adjust with the clutch.
So for now I'm going to just lock it onto the round shaft..... If I'm stuffing up let me know.

Hi Clive,

Thanks for the post.

Losmandy mounts manufactured prior to about 2000 use to have slots or
flats machined on their shafts, so it is probably a reference to that.
However, the kit will install on all GM-8's and G-11's irrespective of their
vintage and irrespective of whether the shafts have slots or not.

Though there are a significant number of these installations out there,
it has been a few years since I had the opportunity to install one in person myself
and I am just looking at the exploded diagram again now to try and refresh
the memory.

My memory is that the large gear stays fixed on the shaft but that the clutch
still works its magic, probably translating the force through the dowel pins
that pass through the holes in the large gear itself.

Please let me know how you get on otherwise I will grab a kit off the shelf
and examine the mechanism some more.

Best Regards

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