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Argo Navis 12" GSO Dob

Originally Posted by Lismore Bloke View Post
Well, if any business needed to know what customer service is all about, then need look no further than this thread.

Gary answered my questions about fitting the Argo to the 12" GSO promptly, no matter what time or day it was. Brilliant stuff - thanks Gary.

The encoders and computer unit are fitted, and ever since then we have had cloud, storms, rain and golf ball size hail. I haven't even fitted the batteries yet! Hope I get a chance to put it through its paces some time soon.
Hi Paul,

Thanks for the post and for your kind comments. Great to hear, weather permitting,
you are ready to roll.

It certainly has been a couple of cloudy and wet weeks of late up and down the East
coast. This afternoon there is a patch of blue sky and sunshine here in Sydney
but I suspect it won't last long. Unfortunately the forecast for the Northern Rivers
for this coming weekend is for isolated showers, so I hope you get lucky and
find a break in the clouds.

Thanks again for your kind words.

Best regards

Gary Kopff
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