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M33 November 17, 2012

Here's a sketch I did on our last dark sky outing at Everglades National Park on the tip of the Florida peninsula. This one was observed through my 6" f/8 with my 24mm Baader Hyperion eyepiece. That night started out so bad we almost packed it up and went home, but ended up being one of the clearest nights I can remember. Even so, the Triangulum Galaxy is DIM!!! I had to observe it for the better part of the night to grasp the detail that could be seen. It was fascinating to me.

I'm attaching the original, as well as a 'negative' of the sketch. Somehow the negative comes out brighter than what I actually observed. The core and spirals should be dimmer, but I couldn't correct it in my program without obliterating the galactic disk. The original is a good representation of what I observed at the eyepiece.

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