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Originally Posted by EddieDog View Post
Peter, thank you for that. No, I'm not buying specifically for astro work, it's for general use with some astro thrown in, including night scenes with terrestrial objects moon or light lit, and celestial objects visible in the sky. Low noise is important. I agree that a dedicated astro camera for dso is the way to go, but for wide field good shots can be had with DSLR's. Many of your points re Nikon D7000 are valid and worth serious consideration, though I know Canon has more astro software etc available. Oh, also the Nikon has 100% optical viewfinder.


One other thing I like is that Nikon has a 180 degree 10.5mm lens for their DX cameras, I don't think Canon has a true fisheye for its DX models. I could be wrong, but they didn't a couple of years ago when I wanted to buy one.
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