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Originally Posted by Adelastro1 View Post
Hi Eddie,
I thought I would weigh into this discussion because I currently use the D7000 and have had a D700 and also briefly a D3s. I can't comment on Canon or Pentax at all as I've only had one - my old film EOS 50.

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I understand the Canon has better video, but who uses that anyway?? I also imagine that you will be using it during the day, so work out what else you want to do with it. The D7000 is very fast with focussing (I think that was handed down from the D3s) which is great for wildlife, sport or subjects that need quick shooting.
Thanks Wayne, yes, I intend to use the cam on regular terrestrial use with astro as an added aside when I have time (Being mostly a nightshift against me!) The 7000 has reveiws and specs that are very favourable. However, I will do a little more research. Astro writers of the ilk of Michael Covington have no probs with Nikon. Lens are an issue I will have to look at, both cost and range.

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