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Originally Posted by obsidianphotos View Post
I'll pitch in. I'm a Canon man through and through. I own two Canons- a 1000D and the 60D you are considering. While I have no experience with Nikons I can tell you that I have a problem using the 60D for astro work. For widefield fixed tripod work it is great with it's high ISO capability (although I dream every night of owning a 5D Mark II for that sort of thing- Hurry up and release the Mark III Canon so that I can hopefully pick up the II cheaper) and the articulated LCD screen makes focus and checking results a breeze. BUT....with direct comparrison with the 1000D for mounted long exposure work the lowly 1000D wins hands down with it's star colour. The 60D produces horrible purple stars when shooting with exactly the same settings and lens/telescope as the 1000D. Now, I know this can generally be tuned out in post processing but I have yet to work out a way of removing it in camera.
That's my two cents. Just thought you would appreciate the opinions of someone who actually owns one of the cameras. As for purely brand related then all has already been said in terms of software mainly being available Canon only.
Greg, many thanks for that. Appeciate your comments.

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