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Keyspan USA-19HS USB Serial Adapter

I finally listened to the Man!

Had fiddled with a PCMCIA to RS232 card and with a cheap USB to serial adapter, but they never worked.

Then I had my new little netbook with nothing but 3 USB ports. Time to do what I had been told, I thought.

Thanks to exchange rate, I had a Keyspan in my hands from the US within a few days for $48 (an ebay seller - "mac-memory").

And - it just worked! Well almost immediately. First fun is to install software on a netbook that doesn't have a CD drive. Carried Argonaut and the Keyspan files from another computer onto the netbook via USB memory stick. Managed to get the Keyspan drivers installed and Argonaut fired up OK.

Tried COM1 through COM4 from Argonaut - nothin'. But the Keyspan directory is full of helpful stuff. Ran an assistant program that is full of diagnostics. Quickly found that the Keyspan was connected to COM6. Moved it back to COM1. Didn't work, but maybe my USB Mouse was on that already? Moved it to COM2 - all fine - Argonaut chatting happily to the Argo Navis!

So do yourselves a favour - don't muck around like me - buy the Keyspan!
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