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Alex, If you read my original post you will notice I said I didn't want to go into a protracted argument wit 2 minute experts. It was not directed at anyone as yet but I seem to attract these fools. You will notice by my post count I only comment about things I have direct experience about. Condisending ..... Tough. These type threads seem to attract this type of poster and in most cases they end up leaving information for those who use the forums for research, often quite incorrect. Just take a look at the posts and justification Paul Haese has had to endure when a thread appears re the GSO RC8 he has purchased. I believe when you look at these posts you would have to agree the 2 minute expert tag certainly fits several people on the forum. I am sure Paul is sick to death of the persistant negatives he has endured, particularly from a group who have no experience and even with the best gear could not replicate the quality of the images he is posting.
Threads about cheaper equipment tends to pull the know all's out of the wood work. All with an opinion all be it misguided or wrong.

All cameras have their fors and againsts and in my opinion why pay for something I don't want. I am quite happy paying $2500 for a QHY8 and would not pay for the similar ST4000XCM at $7000Au (Guesses on price) as I don't want internal guiding and for me the QHY8 or 8Pro has better cooling without have to add water cooling. I am quite happy at this price to provide a little feedback to Theo or QHY to allow the camera to work better and maybe put up with helping with the research as to be honest I am not paying for it.
You mentioned the solder thread from a year ago, and I believe it was a one of anyway. I find it hard to believe any other camera manufacturer is prepared to allow you to carry out such a repair and still honour a warranty.
As in Pauls case where the only good RC is made by Star Instruments or RCOS, The only good cameras are the most expensive.

Not always true, it depends a lot on the user and his requirements.
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