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Originally Posted by AlexN View Post
Yeah, us "2 minute experts" can be really annoying... Especially the ones who actually do have a fair idea what they are talking about. The ones who research the net for weeks before making decisions based on the marketing of a product etc etc.

Like I said previously Doug, Im not saying the QHY9 is not a good
camera. I also never said the QHY filter wheel was not good. And to be fair, One of the best imagers I know uses a QHY9 to produce amazing, award winning images.

That said, there are a lot of problems with them, whether or not these problems get sorted out in a timely fashion is not at question. its whether the problem was there in the first place..

Now, all I did, was make a comparison based on my personal experience.

I'm wondering, because I've not been on the forums since 2006, and have only been into astronomy for a relatively short amount of time, does that make my personal experience less worthy of consideration in your opinion?

In my, unvalued and probably insignificant, personal experience, the QHY camera that I have owned was not as well built, fully featured or reliable as the SBIG camera's I've owned.. I'm sorry you disagree Doug, but I really don't like the whole "2 minute expert" comment... Its rather condescending and completely unnecessary.

A couple of threads for your consideration.
And my favorite, the DIY electronics repair..

No user should have to open a camera up to clean up the factory soldering mishaps.. It just shouldn't ever be necessary..

Granted, Theo does a lot more thorough testing of the cameras he sells, and your chances of getting something like that here are low, however how did that camera make it out of the factory??

Theo's support and service is fantastic, and its unlikely that you will have a problem with a camera you buy from him...

Kind regards.

Ps. All current SBIG CFW's will work with the ST8300, The CFW9 and CFW10 may cause vignetting depending on the optical system used.. The FW8-STL CFW will work, but it will require a custom adapter... Precise parts could easily make up the adapter...
Looks like I must justify my statements again.

Firstly, If you wish to be included in the 2 minute expert group, feel free to include yourself. I actually pointed at no one in particular with the comment.

Web research: Much of information that gets posted on the web is quite inacurate and usually the thoughts and ramblings of disgruntled or very satisfied peeople. Often the only way to know if equipment is suitable for your use is to buy and try.

QHY9 Vs SBIG..... Two cameras based on a very similar operating protocol and the same CCD. My thoughts. I was not interested in a debate on the two camers in question, but then again I have owned and used one of the said cameras so I feel I can at least compare apples from a understanding of the use of at least oneof them, where your arguments are based purely from a spec sheet review.

To quote the membership period or personal experience is a rather pathetic attempt to justify some of your comment here, at least in this post. You mention your limited experience wth QHY cameras and build quality etc. I think you just hit the nail square on the head, yes it is very limited and in this case you are discussing a camera you have never used or owned. I know you have tested an awful lot of gear over the past couple of years but the question has to be asked. How well has it been tested?

To use the QHY forum threads to justify your arguments is again a pathetic attempt. You are not going to tell me that if I scour the web I can't find some comments which will have you thinking why purchase SBIG. Come on Alex you can do better than that.
The fact that the QHY cameras are priced quite significantly lower than any SBIG cameras has to be justification enough for the lack of features and in your opinion build quality. Tell me how much of the SBIG price is added for the name.
I can tell you of 3 SBIG cameras which had to be returned for repair in the first few months of their lives for what could or could not have turned the owners into disgruntled owners.
You wish to display threads posted by me on the QHY forum with regards to small problems which may have been QA problems but you also have to realise the QHY9 was one of the very first QHY9's manufactured and was a learning game for all. I will await your results with your SBIG with interest.

Lastly. If you consider yourself a 2 minute expert, try only commenting on equipment you have personal experience with and try to sit back and learn from those with the experience.
The comments I made in the previous post were from personal experience and equipment specs. At no stage did I run down your beloved SBIG. I just made an educated and justifiable statement about the two cameras.
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