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I can only really comment personally on the QHY9 but found it to be a very good imaging platform. Both the camera and filterwheel work flawlessly together and the filterwheel also give full functionality when driven via a com port. The wheel is also transprtable between other cameras functioning via the com port. I believe, and I may be wrong about the SBIG filter wheel but believe the 36mm filterwheel produced by SBIG will only work with this camera and the standard filterwheels made by SBIG won't work with this camera either. (Check with the dealer).
The QHY9 has a better cooling delta also and with the Kodak CCD you do need cooling and lots of it.
I don't want to argue this with every 2 minute expert on the forum, I have owned one.

Overall I doubt there is much diference between the 2 cameras operation and results, just quite a diference in price. Local dealer service for both seems very good when things go wrong and they do for both manufacturers at times.
I can speak about Theo (Gama), his aftersales service is second to none.

Good luck with your choice.

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