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Originally Posted by strongmanmike View Post

The problem is your price range, unfortunately there aint much in there I am afraid, ..........

In my opinion I would spend the money on getting the best mount you can that will provide the best tracking possible then continue with your 350D DSLR...........
Mike's advice is on the money.

CCD's are without doubt still the gold standard, but are quickly becoming rare birds due their limited vertical market plus they are not mass produced and cost many $$$ as a result.

Sorry, if you want to make an golden omlet, you just gotta break some golden eggs!

FYI DSLR sensors have a well depths that make a mockery of "14 bit D/A's". All they are doing is resolving noise in smaller steps with this marketing BS.

The hallmark of a DSLR shot IMHO is the "all white" stars, due their (unless used with some skill) limited dynamic range.

CCD are optimisted for shots in the dark. DSLR's pretty much the opposite.
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